Building on our cultural heritage and shaping our future by educating legal experts. Strengthening the legal system and the society by developing skilled lawyers who serve diverse communities. Promoting professionalism and ethics by furthering discourse and knowledge.


The College of Law aims to provide an outstanding legal education and training that promotes the rule of law and serves the societies of the region. To educate law students to anticipate and lead legal change to serve the interests of the society and the regional/ international community. To prepare lawyers that can contribute to society in various capacities within the local, national, regional and global governance structures and organizations.


The BA Program has the following educational objectives:

  • Offer students an undergraduate professional course of study that conforms to the established academic standards for legal education
  • Ensure students are properly prepared for entry into professional careers in Law
  • Teach legal principles, the fundamentals of jurisprudence, and legal skills in a manner that combines theory and practice
  • Cultivate student competency in Legal Writing in both Arabic and English
  • Familiarize students with practical legal experience in a variety of settings
  • Introduce students to research methodologies and their importance in legal practice
  • Provide students with opportunities to exhibit their legal knowledge via competitions, conferences, and internships