M.S in Cybersecurity Structure of the Program


The Cybersecurity MS program consists of a core component plus a set of electives through which students may concentrate on a particular area or diversify their knowledge in the field. The core component consists of five courses that should be taken by all students. After completing the core courses, the student may take the thesis option or the non-thesis option. In case of the thesis option the student takes three electives plus the thesis (6 credits). In case of the non-thesis option, the student has to take five electives (15 credits).

Core Courses: (15 Credit hours)

Core Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CYS501 Fundamentals of CyberSecurity 3
CYS 502 Foundations of Cryptography 3
CYS 503 Privacy in a Digital Networked World 3
CYS 504 Threats, Exploits and Countermeasures 3
CYS 505 Enterprise Security Architecture 3


Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CYS506 Database Security 3
CYS507 Cloud Computing Security 3
CYS508 Human Aspects of Cybersecurity 3
CYS510 Risk Management in Cybersecurity 3
CYS511 Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance 3
CYS513 Wireless and Mobile Security 3
CYS514 Counter Hacking Techniques 3
CYS516 Software Security 3
CYS517 Cybersecurity Forensics 3
CYS518 Malware Analysis and Engineering 3
CYS519 Cybersecurity Auditing 3
CYS520 Special Topics in Cybersecurity 3
CYS522 Decentralized Autonomous Systems & Blockchain 3
CYS595 Emerging Topics in CyberSecurity 3
CYS598 Project I 3
CYS599 Project II 3
CYS600 Thesis 6