Program Learning Outcomes

Architectural Engineering Program Learning Outcomes

The ability to:

  • Demonstrate a coherent understanding of the historical, theoretical, and national, regional & international knowledge of Architecture
  • Demonstrate knowledge about design principles, materials, cost, stakeholders (client) & project management
  • Apply analytical & Critical thinking for creative problem solving and design development
  • Incorporate building systems (structural, environmental, technical, sustainable, circulation, accessibility, contextual fit, life safety, Barrier-Free, landscaping, building envelope) in design for human comfort
  • Apply principles of formal & spatial configuration and relate them to human, social, urban and environmental factors
  • Work effectively in teams to accomplish a goal
  • Work autonomously and take responsibility & leadership for lifelong learning
  • Act responsibly and legally in personal and professional relationships inside & outside the classroom and in personal and public forums (using all forms of media and technology)
  • Articulate ideas clearly to others in oral, written and graphic (manual & computer) representations
  • Demonstrate proficient skills in computer, information technology and numeric applications
  • Present concepts using drafting techniques & physical models