M.S in Software Engineering Vision & Mission


The program aspires to prepare top quality graduates for the job market by providing them with a rigorous and thorough, up-to-date computing education.


Establish a solid base for a pioneering software industry and fill the market gap in KSA through the preparation of qualified experts and leaders in the area of software engineering and through constructive applied research. The MSE program will adopt a pragmatic approach to establish itself as a central hub for national software engineering initiatives and activities.


The offered program ensures that, at completion:

  • To inject into the market a set of well-trained software engineers equipped with the talents and vision needed to advance the software industry in KSA and the whole region.
  • To provide qualified and trained human capabilities, from both genders, in the various specializations of IT through the preparation of national manpower and the attraction of foreign expertise.
  • To prepare IT manpower that possesses professional and business skills, creativity and fluency in English, to work in certain areas.
  • To prepare distinguished, high caliber manpower with special skills and capabilities in the area of research, creativity and innovation to develop IT products of national and strategic significance.
  • To Increase the number of IT university teaching faculty.