Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The Software Industry is one of the most crucial industries to human lives and international economies. One can hardly think of a system or utility that does not depend on computer software at some level. It is estimated that the Software Industry attracts hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Building Software Systems is not an easy process. This is attributed to:

  • Software products are among the most complex of man-made systems, and software by its very nature has intrinsic, essential properties (e.g., complexity, invisibility, and changeability) that are not easily addressed.
  • Programming techniques and processes that worked effectively for an individual or a small team to develop modest-sized programs do not scale-up well to the development of large, complex systems (i.e., systems with millions of lines of code, requiring years of work, by hundreds of software developers).
  • The pace of change in computer and software technology drives the demand for new and evolved software products. This situation has created customer expectations and competitive forces that strain our ability to produce quality of software within acceptable development schedules.