Prof. Barney Warf

“PSU Research Review offers a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to a wide array of disciplines ranging from computer science to the humanities. Its works are theoretically informed and empirically rich. Given how narrowly specialized research publications tend to be, it affords a unique opportunity for scientists and intellectuals to engage in cross-fertilization, exposing one another to topics and ideas that may otherwise remain invisible to all but a small group of fellow believers. Such cross-pollination is essential to understanding the complexity of the world. Moreover, as most research originates in the world's industrialized countries, PSU Research Review testifies to the wealth of knowledge emanating from the developing world."

Professor Barney Warf

University Of Kansas, USA Editor-In-Chief, Growth And Change

Prof. Gary John Previts

It is my pleasure, as a member of the International Editorial Advisory Board of the PSU Research Review, to extend to the community a welcoming invitation to submit original research papers within a broad range of subjects of interest to key journal audiences of the Review. The opportunity is clear, given the aims and scope of the Review that it will seek to serve the research audience of academic to practice and policy communication. The editorial team is dedicated to provide ready and helpful assistance to potential authors in the process of evaluating and publishing high quality research."

Distinguished Professor Gary John Previts

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Member, Advisory Council, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), USA

Member, Accountability Advisory Council, United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), USA

Editor-In-Chief, Research In Accounting Regulation

Prof. Lee D. Parker

“PSU Research Review represents a bold new cross disciplinary research journal that spans a wide range of research disciplines. Based in Saudi Arabia, published by the leading journal publisher Emerald, and supported by an international editorial board, it offers a new broad spectrum addition to the global research community's literature."

Distinguished Professor Lee D. Parker

RMIT University, Australia Editor-In-Chief, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Prof Fernand De Varennes

“PSU Research Review adds an important dimension to the sharing of international knowledge and ideas beyond national borders. PSU Research Review contributes beyond traditional Western sources and provides an opportunity for academics and practitioners from all parts of the world to transmit their research and knowledge."

Extraordinary Professor Fernand de Varennes

University Of Pretoria, South Africa & Dean, Faculty Of Law, Université De Moncton, Canada

Prof Simon N. M. Young

“PSU Research Review is a new interdisciplinary journal that covers law, humanities, education, engineering, computer science and business. Edited by an impressive team of scholars from Saudi Arabia's first private university, the journal has potential to publish innovative and distinct academic scholarship of the highest quality."

Professor Simon N. M. Young, Associate Dean (Research)

Faculty Of Law, The University Of Hong Kong, Parkside Chambers, Hong Kong

Editor-In-Chief, Asia-Pacific Journal On Human Rights And The Law

Prof James Guthrie

“I am personally supportive of new journals in business research and the PSU Research Review: An International Journal is timely as it will allow for debate and discussions about various theoretical and methodical approaches which will be relevant to many disciples. Also it will allow for researchers to publish papers that focus on practical developments. Any new venture needs a dedicated group of people and the editors and editorial boards cover many fields and expertise. I have been an accounting academic for over 40 years and am joint founding editor of the interdisciplinary accounting research journal for 30 years, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, (AAAJ), (ranked in top 10 by Google Scholar in accounting and tax journals globally also 7 best accounting journal via Scopus scores with vary high impact factors). I can highly recommend Emerald as they are an excellent publish house. The PSU Research Review: A new International Journal has all the ingredients to be a success."

Distinguished Professor James Guthrie

Macquarie University, Australia; Università Di Bologna, Italy Editor-In-Chief, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Prof Kevin Downing

“PSU Research Review: An International Journal is an important vehicle for scholarly exchange where academics can share knowledge and ideas about contemporary research. The journal focuses on both conceptual and applied research and has quality and innovation at the heart of its editorial policy. Academics from both public and private spheres are encouraged to join the high level debate and idea sharing forum provided by PRR."

Professor Kevin Downing

City University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Editor-In-Chief, Educational Studies

Prof James Connelly

“The PSU Research Review is a valuable and most welcome new journal principally because of its cross disciplinary focus and its attention to the relation between theory and practice. Increasingly the practical challenges we face require collaboration between practitioners and academics in different fields, not least across the divide between sciences, arts and technological disciplines. This journal has the potential to fill that gap admirably".

Professor James Connelly

University Of Hull, UK Director Of The Institute Of Applied Ethics

Editor-In-Chief, International Journal Of Social Economics

Michael Izza

“ICAEW operating in accordance with its Royal Charter seeks to advance the theory and practice of accountancy in all its aspects. Demonstrating a commitment to learning, a sense of history and an attitude of responsibility, we draw on the experience and knowledge of our diverse and international membership of over 146,000 Chartered Accountants. We also value the contribution of independent academic research and seek to act as a bridge between the academic community and practitioners. That is why ICAEW continues to be a leading supporter of independent research. We are encouraged by the initiatives being taken by Prince Sultan University‎ to add to the body of independent academic research through PSU Research Review: An International Journal."

Michael Izza, Chief Executive

The Institute Of Chartered Accountants In England And Wales (ICAEW), UK

Prof Kaoru Natsuda

“PSU Research Review (PRR) is a new leading international multi-disciplinary Journal for exchanging knowledge, experience and new idea between academics and practitioners."

Professor Kaoru Natsuda

College Of International Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

Prof Valerie C

“The ambitious launch of a new journal: PSU Research Review: An International Journal intends to encourage the publication of cutting edge research papers in a variety of academic areas. This endeavor is wholly in keeping with the PSU's aspirations to engage in path breaking research and to provide a forum for scholars to publish their ideas with a view to influencing a range of disciplines. The Journal boasts a long list of distinguished scholars who are serving on its editorial board. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers in this international journal."

Professor Valerie C

Epps, Suffolk University, USA

Prof Gail Taylor

“The PSU Research Review journal is a multi-disciplinary platform for a range of authors and audiences in fields such as business, the humanities and law. Serving the academic community, policy makers, and the private sector it stimulates the exchange of knowledge in key areas essential to the theory and practice of research. With an international advisory board spanning skills and expertise draw from both the founding university and centers of excellence in countries such as Australia, Pakistan and the U.K., the publication is soundly supported in universities and think tanks around the world. Published by Emerald Group, which is known to be the world's leading publisher of management journals and databases, the original journal was founded by Dr Ahmed S Yamani, of the Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. It is currently headed by two distinguished Editor-in-Chiefs – Dr. Mohammad Nurunnabi, and Prof. Adel A. Ghobbar; the journal is run and managed by a solid team of information specialists with expertise in fields of information across the wide span of subject areas covered by the Review. Given that the aims, objectives and overall profile reflect best practice in research I thoroughly recommend the journal to its targeted audience."

Honorary Professor Gail Taylor

Donghua University, China Editor-In-Chief, Research Journal Of Textile And Apparel

Prof Ahmet Can Inci

“PSU Research Review: An international Journal is a unique outlet for both academicians and practitioners all around the world. The invitation of a wide scope of research topics across all disciplines provides a fertile ground for interdisciplinary work and collaboration between various fields. This would lead to truly original work, broaden the horizons of theoretical research, and the practical applications to real world problems."

Professor Ahmet Can Inci

Bryant University, USA

Prof Hiroyuki Kurimoto

“Congratulations on establishing PSU Research Review, PSU and NUCB focus on educating next generation leaders who will have the ability to bridge the gap between the local region and the rest of the world. In order to achieve our mission, we need more focus on applied research in business fields. I believe PSU Research Review will contribute to an understanding of the gap and produce fruitful insight into the truth."

Professor Hiroyuki Kurimoto

Board Chairman, Nagoya University Of Commerce & Business (NUCB), Japan