Department of Engineering Management

Recent studies show that most engineers ultimately assume managerial positions and that most spend a considerable part of their professional careers in a management or supervisory capacity. In a recent survey conducted by the American Association of Engineering Societies, it was found that within ten years of the start of their careers, more than 50 percent of engineers find themselves in technical management positions, often without the benefit of formal training in management.

The Engineering Management (EM) is an interdisciplinary program that combines a set of strong science and engineering core courses along with specialized courses in engineering and project management skills. The Engineering Management Department offers students a choice of two different degree programs to follow based on their interests and personal objectives. The specialization programs are:

  • Construction Engineering Management.
  • Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering.

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Management is awarded upon successful completion of 138 credit hours in each program. There are 79 credit hours of coursework common to both programs. Students take additional 30 credits of required courses and 6 credits of electives in their respective specializations

About the Chair

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Engineering Management Department, College of Engineering, Prince Sultan University. Our mission is to respond to the current high demand in the industry of the Gulf region for engineers equipped with managerial skills, techniques, and tools. In this regard, the department offers Bachelor of Science degrees through two different programs; Construction Engineering Management and Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management. These programs combine engineering and management knowledge and skills to enable graduates of these programs to resolve complex decision making problems of both technical and social aspects. The department has distinguished faculty members with different backgrounds who have received their PhD and MS degrees from reputable universities around the world. Each program curricula requirement is 138 credit hours. During the last two semesters, undergraduate students conduct cooperative training in local, regional or international companies to implement what they have learned in class and to acquire new skills and techniques from some real hands on experience. This helps our graduates attain a job offer upon graduation and make their transition from class to work easier and smoother. Upon graduation, our graduates can work in public and private sectors, pursue their own business or continue their postgraduate studies in well-recognized universities. Finally, I wish you all the best, our faculty members, our current and prospective students and our alumni.

Dr. Yasser El-Husseini Ibrahim Mansour

Chairman Of Engineering Management Department