The College of Humanities & Sciences congratulates its students listed below for being in the Dean's List of the Academic Excellence of the AY 1444-1445

  • Deem Waleed Abdullah Almanee-Applied Linguistics
  • Judy Maher AlOtaibi- Translation
  • Hafsa Tariq Javaid- Applied Linguistics
  • Princess Amal Fawaz Abdullah AlSaud-Applied Linguistics
  • Bayader Bader Alobathani-Applied Linguistics
  • Sahar Sami Saleh Alkhulaifi-Translation
  • Aseel Salim Nasser Algudhea-Applied Linguistics

The year of 1443-2022

  • Ms. Sumayyah Anwar Shaikh- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Judy Ismael AlOtaibi- Translation
  • Ms. Amal Fawaz AlSaud- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Rana Abdulaziz AlBarrak- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Hafsa Tariq Javed- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Mona Riyadh AlMoqayed- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Sofia Sheikh Albastanh- Applied Linguistics
  • Ms. Samiha Alhassan Koukam- Translation