M.S in Cybersecurity Vision & Mission


The program aspires to prepare top quality graduates for the job market by providing them with a rigorous and thorough, up-to-date computing education.


Provide a competitive Cybersecurity educational, research, and practical environment that utilizes recent technologies, best practices, and knowledge to prepare highly qualified experts and scholars in the Cybersecurity field, capable of serving the community through their knowledge, problem-solving, and professional skills.


  • Prepare highly qualified academics and industry-ready professionals in the area of Cybersecurity.
  • Develop and enhance skills needed to design and build secure networks, software, and information systems with emerging technologies.
  • Develop and promote research skills in the area of Cybersecurity.


  • Graduates serve as skilled professionals in the field of cybersecurity contributing to designing, developing, and assessing related projects.
  • Graduates engage themselves in professional development, life-long learning and advanced research to tackle cybersecurity challenges in industries, community and society at large.
  • Graduates demonstrate leadership skills, collaborative work and ethical responsibilities to carry out their professional duties.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of cybersecurity concepts and principles.
  • Apply cybersecurity standards, principals, theories, and best practices to develop and maintain secure systems.
  • Design, Develop, and Evaluate cybersecurity programs, policies, and related technologies to support the organization strategy.
  • Conduct in-depth research in specific Cybersecurity related areas to identify, analyze and provide innovative solutions and countermeasures.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in written and oral contexts to variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrate relevant and effective teamwork and leadership skills in delivering successful projects considering the security, legal and ethical aspects.