Program Vision

To be a leading Engineering Management program that is recognized locally and internationally for quality education and developing future leaders.

Program Mission

To provide accessible education in the theory and application of engineering management that prepares participants for successful careers in industry, government, and academia aligned and inspired by the Saudi Vision transformative programs.

Graduation Requirements

To receive the Master’s degree, students must satisfy the requirements related to credits, program of study, and other courses within the maximum period that is specified in the PSU Graduate Rules and Regulations. The requirements are as follow:

  • Complete the credits required by the respective program track.
  • Satisfy program requirements.

Program Objectives

The capability to:

  • Thinking strategically while respecting engineering principles.
  • Addressing managerial problems from an engineering point of view.
  • Developing innovative approaches for management decisions.
  • Understanding how to manage an ever changing technology base.
  • Developing a systems approach to problem and/or opportunity definition.