Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) Lab


Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed into the most powerful data analytics technology in recent years, leading to remarkable breakthroughs in many fields. While in the era of big data, data analytics underpins the data-intensive research that responds to real time challenges. These breakthroughs are benefiting industrial sectors as varied as information and communications technology (ICT), finance, health, transportation and manufacturing. The Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) Lab as the first interdisciplinary lab at Prince Sultan University (PSU) focuses on the research and applications of artificial intelligence techniques for tackling versatile real-world data analysis tasks across various fields with the aim of facilitating the data-to-discovery or data-to-decision process, especially in the context of big data. It would open new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration that is strongly encouraged as part of university’s strategy for 2030 Vision. The AI & Data Analytics Lab aims to provide high quality, cutting-edge research contributions by unifying the fields of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data. The research produced would contribute in enhancing PSU’s visibility and promote interdisciplinary research incorporating local and international partnerships. The lab facilitates the professional trainings, workshops and conferences in-house and in cooperation with other institutes, companies or research centers to provide the training to PSU members and society. Professional certificates can be offered for interested students. The decisive objective is to contribute in the Kingdom 2030 initiatives for the strategic objectives of health sector, education field, information security, forensic analysis and energy sector to support the vibrant digitized society.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the premier Artificial Intelligence &Data Analytics research lab forging a better community by synergizing academia, industry and talent.

Mision Statement

Deliver the high quality, industry-responsive research findings and services aligned with Vision 2030 to enhance the visibility of Prince Sultan University. Provide an interactive and collaborative platform for researchers, educational organizations and industry partners. Support the vision and mission of Prince Sultan University by promoting interdisciplinary research incorporating international academia and industrial partnerships.


  • To conduct and publish high-quality research in the focused areas of Data Science, AI & Machine Learning
  • To inculcate the enhanced knowledge of AI & Data Science research findings in the target sectors of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To enhance collaboration among researchers in the field of AI & Data Science nationally and internationally.
  • Promote research at the College of Computer & Information Sciences and enhance its research output in terms of quantity and quality.
  • Offer rich training/ mentoring opportunities for students, faculty members and community.
  • To offer research-based consultations (e.g., talks, training, etc) to relevant institutions.
  • To attract grants for research projects and sponsorship for its activities.