Security Engineering Lab (SEL)


Vision Statement

Security Engineering Lab (SEL) is looking to contribute significantly to deliver the vision and mission of Prince Sultan University and consequently the Saudi initiatives of 2020 with regard to research and development of the security engineering area.

Mision Statement

  • Motivate
  • educate and train a new generation of cybersecurity researchers and professionals to produce experts in cyber technologies and systems.
  • Foster several collaborations with national and international security research groups and centers
  • governmental agencies
  • companies and academic institutions with the purpose of excellence in security solutions outcomes.
  • Contribute significantly to providing educational
  • research
  • outreach
  • and partnering security services nationally and internationally.


  • Enrich security awareness and readiness in Saudi culture
  • New facility for a growing curriculum of undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity courses
  • University publicity
  • Consultation Services (Governments & industry needs).
  • Training services
  • Hosting/organizing conferences
  • symposiums
  • workshops and competitions
  • Research/Master proposals
  • Software security solutions products including testing tools
  • datasets
  • and security services
  • Projects (funded [national or international] or joint)
  • Patents
  • E4E (Education for Employment): Job opportunities