Mathematics & Sciences Courses


Finite Mathematics - MATH101 (CBA)
Calculus I - MATH111 (ENG, CCIS)
Calculus II - MATH113 (ENG, CCIS)
Business Calculus - MATH211 (CBA-FINANCE)
Engineering Mathematics - MATH215 (ENG)
Numerical Analysis - MATH221 (ENG-NETWORK, CCIS-ELECTIVE)
Linear Algebra - MATH223 (CCIS-ELECTIVE
Differential Equations - MATH225 (ENG)
General Chemistry - CHM101 (ENG-MC)
Introduction To Physical Science - SCI101 (CCIS, CBA)
Physics I - PHY105 (ENG, CCIS)
Physics II - PHY205 (ENG, CCIS)
Introduction To Statistics And Probability Theory - STAT101 (ENG, CCIS, CBA)
Statistical Analysis - STAT271 (CBA)
Applied Statistics - STAT272 (ENG)