The intersection of humanities and computational tools is the future of the studies in the humanities and is crucial to the development of significant technological advancement in artificial intelligence and data analytics. Literary and Digital Studies in Humanities Research Group, LDSH, is a starting point where both researchers and students can experiment with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of computational research.

The aim of LDSH is to establish a digital humanities infrastructure. The steps for doing so start with the introduction to digital humanities courses and projects to train both humanities students and computer science students to experiment with computational tools of human expression. A collaborative community on digital humanities grows and flowers from the bottom-up. The faculty from the College of Humanities teaming with the College of Computer and Information Sciences together with the PSU librarians and students will be the driving force of this research unit.


The mission of the Literary and Digital Studies in the Humanities research group is to produce quality research with a high impact factor reflecting the transformation of humanities’ studies through technology. The group provides a platform for collaborative, cross-disciplinary research in the field of humanities by promoting and supporting projects that utilize digital research methods and tools. Ultimately the group is committed to linking research to the teaching and learning process.


  • promote research prospects in the field of humanities through publications with a high impact factor
  • facilitate collaboration among group members to explore innovative means of expression in a digitally governed age
  • start a culture of experiential research to revive literary studies
  • offer training in digital tools to both professionals and the public
  • affect the teaching of the humanities in general and literature in particular
  • attract funding and sponsorship to advance the group’s projects