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About the Moot Program

Moot Program at the College of Law

The College's interest in participating in VIS Moot Competition began in the academic year 2018-2019. With the support and patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Yamani, the President of PSU, the College has formed the first moot team in the history of the College. Dr. Emna Chikhaoui, the College’s Vice Dean, was appointed to supervise the moot team composed only of female students..

The team participated in mock trial which took place in March 2018 in Bahrain, and later participated in VIS Moot Competition in Vienna. The results were satisfactory given that the experience is new to the participating students and the coaches. In the same year and during the ceremony of signing the MOU between PSU and the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, the team were honored by the Center for their representation of universities in Saudi Arabia.

Dean of the College of Law Dr. Fahad Almajid and The CEO of the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration Dr. Hamid bin Hassan Mira

The moot was officially established as program on 1. September 2019, when the Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Fahad Mohammed Almajid, appointed Dr. Zlatan Meškić as the PSU moot coach. Later in September, Ms. Rasha Odeh became a co-coach for both teams.

How to become a member of the Moot Team

If you wish to become a member of the moot team ( the Vis moot team or the SCCA Arabic Moot Team), please send your CV to with the information on your education, language skills, average grade and other information you deem to be useful. The teams are established every year before 1. September, although the selection process starts each year already at June 1. You can still send your applications until 1. September.

Invitation to Become a Mootie for Season 2019/2020

In early September 2019 a video invitation was published to become a member of the PSU moot team. You can watch the invitation here:

The preparations start on 1. June each year with an online training in international commercial contracts and international commercial arbitration. The online preparations include writing a claim and doing several online pleadings. The sessions are recorded so that students joining later can catch up.

The invitation was a great success. More than 60 applicants attended preparatory lectures on International Commercial Arbitration held by Prof Dr. Zlatan Meskic, the moot coordinator of the PSU. Ms. Rasha Odeh was added to the moot coaching team and became the main co-coach for both moot teams.

On 24 and 25 September, a selection committee from the College of Law has chosen 8 best students for the Vis moot team, 6 best members of the female Arabic moot team and 3 best members for the male Arabic moot team based on their written submission, average grade, oral presentation and experience.

Skills, Goals and Opportunities

Students participating in the moot program foremost acquire practical research skills for a professional environment, persuasive legal writing styles and advocacy skills. The students will have a better understanding of the key concepts underpinning contracts for the international sale of goods and international commercial arbitration. The emphasis is on WRITTEN and ORAL ADVICACY SKILLS on a very high level. The moot program is a program of excellence. This does not mean that students have to be at an excellent level before joining. Students should be highly motivated. In more detail the skills acquired are:

  • Legal writing skills: writing a claim and statement of defense in international commercial arbitration
  • Oral pleadings - engaging the theory to the reality when pleading before real arbitrators from all over the world.
  • Legal research: comparative law, international law, case law, commentaries and books with access to international data bases.
  • Communication skills built by working in a team and many connections with the other teams, coaches and experts, law offices and arbitrators.
  • Motivation – mooties are highly appreciated on the market with job and scholarship opportunities.

The Programs

Arabic Arbitration moot (SCCA)

A competition organized by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration aimed at male and female students of the bachelor’s degree from the colleges of Sharia, law and regulations in Saudi universities. In June 2020 the PSU Moot Teams (Male-Female) have won first place in three main categories of the first KSA Arbitration Moot Competition in Arabic language organized by Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA);

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VIS moot (Vienna)

The VIS moot team PSU 2019/2020 holds first meeting on 15 September 2019 after 8 students have been selected out of over 50 applicants (see photo below). Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meskic is the head coach, Ms. Rasha Odeh is the Co- coach. The team started its preparation for the most prestigious competition for students of law . . .

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Arabic Arbitration moot (SCCA)

Competition (SCCA Arabic Moot)

A competition organized by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration aimed at male and female students of the bachelor’s degree from the colleges of Sharia, law and regulations in Saudi universities.

Which is considered the first of its kind in the world in the Arabic language in this size, where 210 male and female students competed in 39 teams from colleges of Sharia, law and regulations from 24 universities from 18 cities from all over the Kingdom under the supervision of 68 PhDs and doctors in addition to 17 trainers and trainers with practical practice in competitions International.

Early Stages


the College of Law received the coverage file for the training program, which was organized by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration.

Prince Sultan University hosted the activities of the first edition of the Commercial Arbitration Competition in the Arabic language for male and female students of colleges of Sharia, law and regulations in universities in which participants compete to plead in a hypothetical arbitration case that simulates international trade issues and that will hone the legal and personal skills that participants need to plead before international arbitration bodies And raise their personal and knowledge competence, legal and legal, which was organized by the university in cooperation with the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration. Read more


The Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Fahad Al-Majid, met the college team selecetd to particpate and represnet the college for the local commercial arbitration competition, organized by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration for the first time in Saudi Arabia between local universities.


There were two teams, male team and female team, each will represent the college in the competetion, and both were supervised by Dr. Zlatan and co coatched by Ms. Oudah.

The meeting focused on discussing the level of progress and challenges the team faces to ensure distinguished participation in the first competition of its kind locally.


  • Learn the rules of international arbitration and the procedures followed therein.
  • Practical application of the curriculum and download it in practice.
  • To develop students' abilities to confront the public and self-confidence and to present and defend their ideas in arbitration cases.
  • Enhance presentation, presentation and recall skills in arbitration sessions.
  • Embodying the importance of rules and procedures in understanding and practicing.
  • Create and encourage a spirit of fair competition among students to reach the final stages of competition.

Skills Acquired

Participants gain many skills from competition, including:

  • Opening a wide door for distinguished employment opportunities after graduation
  • Qualifying students to practice arbitration in the future
  • Gain work experience after graduation
  • The student acquires the ability to write pleadings notes and pleading skills before the jury

Dates and Deadlines

  • September 01, 2019 - The 2019/2020 competition started with the publication of the moot case.
  • October 14-18, 2019 - SCCA Arbitration conference (see photo) and arbitration training hosted by PSU
  • December 7, 2020 - deadline for submission of Claimant memo.
  • February 15, 2020 - deadline for submission of Respondent memo
  • June 20-25, 2020 - oral pleadings (online)

Recent Activity

PSU SCCA Moot Team Female

The PSU Female Team has also won first place for Best Written Memorandum for Claimant.

From the left students’ names: AlJohara Alsaadoun, Noura Alabduljabbar , Abeer Alsaif, Reem Almaiman
Coach’s Ms.Rasha Odeh and Prof Dr. Zlatan Meskic

PSU SCCA Moot Team Male

The PSU Male Team has won first place for Best Written Memorandum for Respondent.

From the left students’ names: Saud Alyousef, Turki Almouniefy
Coaches: Dr. Abdulaziz Aleid and Prof Dr. Zlatan Meskic

PSU SCCA Moot Team Female

The PSU Female moot team has won first place for the Best Team of the whole competition.

From the left students’ names: Abeer Alsaif, Al Johara Alsaadoun, Noura Alabduljabbar ,Reem Almaiman
Coaches: Ms.Rasha Odeh and Prof Dr. Zlatan Meskic

PSU SCCA Moot Winning Team Female

The Winning Team

From the left: Abeer Alsaif, Noura Alabduljabbar , , Al Johara Alsaadoun, Coach Ms.Rasha Odeh, Dean of the College of Law Dr. Fahad Almajid, Coach Dr. Zlatan Meskic

Vis moot (Vienna)



The VIS moot team consisting of Mohammed Aleissa, Dareen Abdulkareem and Sarah Alyahya submitted their Respondent memorandum on 28 January 2021 and thereby finished its written phase of the Vienna competition. The final ral competition in Vienna will take plac from 25 March – 1 April 2021. The team is coached by Prof. Zlatan Meskic as the main-coach, Dr. Abdulmalik Altamimi and Ms. Rasha Odeh as co-coaches.

In preparation for the oral phase, PSU Vis moot team first participated in the Vis moot training organized by University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in cooperation with CLDP, from 8-11 February 2021 and then participated in the Zenica pre-moot with over 30 teams from 20 different states. The PSU Vis moot team competed against very strong teams from MGIMO (Moscow), Tübingen (Germany), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Arizona (USA), all of these teams have already been in the top 64 in Vienna. The PSU Vis moot team used this opportunity to try out arguments and switch positions to find the most suitable position for each pleader. All three members of the team pleaded at the pre-moot in Zenica. They received very good scores and comments and contributed to the reputation of the PSU team for the competition in Vienna. Prof. Zlatan Meskic was one of the co-organizors of the pre-moot in Zenica and participated in the opening event „Pleading of the coaches“, where for education purposes he pleaed together with the coach of the University of Pittsburgh (Ms. Liz Tyler) and the coaches of the Zenica team (Ms. Nevena Jevremovic and Ms. Amina Hasanovic) in front of renomated arbitrators from Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prof. Zlatan Meskic, Dr. Abdulmalik Altamimi, Mr. Sultan Almutairy and Ms. Nadia Salama served as arbitrators at the pre-moot. This is part of the strategy to build a strong coaching team for the generations to come.

Further, the PSU team participated in the Hannover pre-moot on 19th and 20th February 2021 and had pleadings against Munich (Germany), Carthage (Tunisia), Jagiellonian (Poland) and Chiao Tung (Taiwan). While the team received excellent feedback, it is still waiting for the scores. In Hannover Mohamed Aleissa and Dareen Abdulkareem pleaded in all four pleadings, while Sarah Alyahya stayed as researcher and supported the team. Prof. Zlatan Meskic and Dr. Abdulmalik Altamimi served as arbitrators at the Hannover pre-moot.

On 21 February 2021 the Middle East Pre-moot organized by Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution in cooperation with CLDP has started. This is the first competitive pre-moot where the first 8 out of 30 teams will qualify for the quarterfinals to be held on Friday, 26 February 2021. Ms. Rasha Odeh served as one of the arbitrators in the training phase for the Middle East pre-moot. Prof. Zlatan Meskic and Sultan Almutairy will serve as arbitrators at the Middle-East pre-moot.