M.S in Cybersecurity Vision & Mission


The program aspires to prepare top quality graduates for the job market by providing them with a rigorous and thorough, up-to-date computing education.


Establish a solid base for a pioneering cybersecurity industry and fill the market gap in KSA through the preparation of qualified experts and leaders in the area of cybersecurity and through constructive applied research. The MCS program will adopt a pragmatic approach to establish itself as a central hub for national cybersecurity initiatives and activities.


  • To prepare highly qualified, industry-ready specialists and professionals in the area of Cybersecurity.
  • To cover the conceptual and practical aspects of Cybersecurity.
  • To develop and promote research skills in the area of Cybersecurity
  • To empower students with the abilities and skills to cope with emerging technologies and approaches in the area of Cybersecurity.
  • To develop a deep appreciation for Cybersecurity and empower students with the skills and techniques needed to build secure information systems.
  • To develop and promote the skills needed to perform practical security assurance tasks, vulnerability mitigation, intruder detection, risk analysis …etc.
  • To develop and promote the skills needed to design and build secure networks.