Engineering Management Department Lab arrangement for 201 semester

Due to COVID-19 the classes will be taught through online teaching using Google Meet for all courses. However, students should attend the lab sessions on campus for the following courses:

# Course Code Course Title Instructor Lab Instructor
1 EM 204 Strength of Materials Eng. Abdul Malik Eng. Abdul Malik
2 EM 301 Surveying Dr. Zubair Eng. Shabir
3 EM 306 Soil Mechanics and Foundations Dr. Ezzat Eng. Abdul Malik
4 EM 381 Construction Materials Dr. Zubair Eng. Shabir
5 EM 459 Manufacturing Processes Dr. Tamer Eng. Bani Mufarrej

The following arrangements will be adapted:

  1. For each lab, students will be divided into groups, each of them has a limited number of students (maximum 7).
  2. The social distance will be maintained during lab hours.
  3. Students should wear face shields and gloves. For EM 381, students should wear their own coats as well.
  4. The instructor of each course will announce the arrangement and information of lab sessions of each group at the first online lecture according to the official PSU class schedule.

Wishing all of our faculty members and students a fruitful and safe semester.