Concluding the 3D Designing and Printing Specialized Course for Female Students

The 3D Printing Specialized Course for PSU female students, organized by the College of Engineering's Industry 4.0 Center, has been concluded. The participants presented the projects they worked on during the course. T​he best projects, will be selected to participate in an international competition for 3D designing and printing. It is worth mentioning that Industry 4.0 Center at the College of Engineering is considered as one of the leading PSU initiatives in Riyadh. It aims at using the latest digital technologies that are based on the technology of Industry 4.0. The center is equipped with various machines such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and digital manufacturing machines​​​. Moreover, the center is one of many initiatives that display the senior management's steadfast attention on developing the learning environment. This is being achieved through developing facilities, services, and harnessing all capabilities in encouraging the massive potential that lies within PSU students in order to transform ideas and electronic designs into a living reality through manufacturing models that simulate the suggested designs.