The Center of Diabetes Technology (CDT) in University of Virginia

Dr. Ali AlMatouq was invited by the Center of Diabetes Technology (CDT) in University of Virginia to deliver a presentation and to meet with directors and researchers of the center in order to gage the potential of research collaboration during the period of October 14-18, 2019. The center is focused on developing Artificial Pancreas technology that can automatically regulate glucose in type 1 diabetes using sensing and actuating devices orchestrated by feedback control algorithms. The center is also focused on approving new technology related to diabetes through clinical trials. Dr. Ali delivered two presentations related to the recently patented technology in estimating postprandial glucose fluxes using continuous glucose monitors. He also met individually with 10 researchers and 2 directors during the visit. Both the directors and researchers expressed interest in the new technology developed by PSU that addresses a compelling control problem in type 1 diabetes. The center directors and researchers expressed their desire for research collaboration for advancing this new technology.