PSU students at 1st GCC Conference in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

One of the activities of the EM 458 course, taught to Production and Manufacturing Management program (PMP) by Dr. Tamer Sebaey, is to develop a new product. Based on the material studied during the course, our students could develop four different products and submitted four papers to the IEOM GCC. All the four papers were accepted for the publications and included in the undergraduate competition. The titles of the papers are: • Design and development of smart door closer mechanism; By Khaled Musleh, Walid Aljadaan, Omar Almansour, Saud Sweidan and Emad Soidan. • Design and development of a novel multifunctional travelling pillow; By Mohammed ALGharably, Abdullah Albathi, Mohammed ALhoshan, Mohammed ALajlan, and Ammar kachoua. • Design and development of a water gallons flipper for the Saudi market; By Yazan Faroun, Khaled Al-Hindawi, Mohammed Al-Mulki, Hassan Al-Smadi, and Kusai Saad. • Development of a multifunctional hand watch to store and organize pills for elderly people; By Nawaf AlMehemeed, Faisal AlDebaikhi, Jaser AlJaser, Abdulelah AlMoudayfer, and Fahad AlRobaian