Message from the Chair


I would like to welcome you to the IS department, which is part of the College of Computer and Information Sciences at Prince Sultan University. The IS department is a well-planned, carefully constructed mix of business and professional knowledge units. It is a bridge that connects multiple academic disciplines, such as computing, management, business, and entrepreneurship, with both technical and business expertise.

As part of its commitment to excellence and innovation, the Department of Information Systems prepares graduates for fulfilling careers that promote sustainability through innovative thinking, ethical behavior, lifelong learning, research, and community service. As we believe in the importance of information systems, we aim to enhance the quality of our students' education and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to evaluate and develop information systems. In addition, we aim to equip our students with the various skills needed for managing technical projects, enhancing business processes, and integrating modern technology, with all its functional facets, into the different business organizations and institutions in order to develop information systems capable of solving various problems.

Dedicated to continuing our development efforts, all faculty, staff, and administrative members of the Information Systems Department strive to excel in their personal and professional performance. By offering academic programs that are carefully tailored to meet the demands of local and international job markets, we aim to improve our graduates' quality. In accordance with the highest international academic standards, the offered programs and tracks will serve to ensure quality performance on the one hand and achieve local and international accreditation on the other.

The department, through its various committees, and united as one team, works diligently to review, evaluate and improve the academic plans, as well as ensure that interactive education is incorporated into all its courses, as the Information Systems field undergoes rapid and significant changes. To stay on the path of continuous improvement, renovation, and contention, we encourage all members of our department to use the best educational and technical tools, apply modern organizational methods, and partner with specialized technical entities and technology experts, as well as utilizing our partnerships with specialized technical entities and technology experts.

Once again, I welcome you to join us as we educate, train, and graduate tomorrow's Information Systems leaders and experts.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our department.

Dr. Suliman Mohamed Fati

Chair, Department of Information System