Programming JAM 7.0 Annouced

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Programming JAM 7.0 Annouced

Programming JAM 7.0 Annouced

The Programming Jam 7.0 is an annual programming contest that is organized by the ACM Professional Chapter in Saudi Arabia annually in Prince Sultan University. After the successful previous events, this year, this competition will be open to all students of Universities in Saudi Arabia, as a new form of gathering programmers at national level and as a joint event among Saudi Universities.

This programming contest falls under the umbrella of ACM Professional Chapter in Saudi Arabia and is organized by the College of Computer and Information Sciences of Prince Sultan University to nurture the innovation, creativeness and collaboration to help and support new groups of software programs. It also helps the students to test their ability to perform well under pressure with limited time. The contest will follow the format of the traditional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). It is going to be 9 hours online coding competition where wide community of colleges and universities students can participate to engage themselves with challenging question about programming.


Programming, Java


College of Computer & Information Science


Students all over KSA