CCIS - Term 201 on Campus Courses and Labs

Due to COVID-19 the classes will be taught through online teaching using Google Meet for all courses. However, following courses and labs will be conducted on Campus

Complete Course - Male Campus

Course Code Course Title Instructor
CS313 [4 hours per week] Introduction to Data Science Dr. Ahmad Taher Azar
CS460 [4 hours per week] Introduction To Robotics Dr. Anis Koubaa

Labs Component Only - Female Campus

Course Code Course Title Instructor
CYS404 Cyber Physical Systems Security Dr. Aneesa Ara
DMS426 Game Development Dr Randa Aljohani
DMS495 Emerging Topics in Digital Media Dr. Sofianiza Abd Malik
IS489 Selected Topics in IS Ms. Hanaa Alahmari
BCE447 Visual Merchandising Ms. Mona Alsheddi
BCE483 Business Intelligence and Analysis Ms. Mona Alsheddi

Wishing all of our faculty members and students a fruitful and safe semester.