Under the C4C Initiative: 22 Student from Information Systems Major Passed Professional Certification Exams

In a new achievement for the information systems department in the college of computer and information sciences, more than 22 students successfully passed the professional certification exams from IBM, SAP, Oracle, PMP, Microsoft, TOGAF and Dell. Students were able to enrol in the Course for Certification initiative (C4C) which was established by the IS department in order to integrate the academic learning with the professional certification. Student studied the same content that prepared them to pass the professional certificate as part of their undergraduate program course. The C4S initiative offers a series of courses designed by the course instructors in collaboration with the industry to build and enhance critical professional skills of students needed to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. The IS Dept. provides the opportunities to the students to meet the specific professional needs, stand out and succeed at work, to make them more desirable to a potential employer. In nutshell, by developing a sound C4C renowned certification program that provides students with a specialized skill set for a particular industry, both employers and future students will recognize the institution and department's leadership in a particular field. This can help with long-term growth, revenue generation and even marketing and branding.​