Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA)

​​First Interdisciplinary lab at Prince Sultan University​ The Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) lab will be the first interdisciplinary lab at Prince Sultan University (PSU). It would open new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration which is strongly encouraged as part of university's strategy for 2030. The AI &Data Analytics research lab aims to provide high quality, cutting-edge research contributions by unifying the fields of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data. The research produced would contribute in enhancing PSU's visibility and promote interdisciplinary research incorporating local and international partnerships. The lab will facilitate professional trainings, workshops and conferences in-house and in cooperation with other institutes, companies or research centers to provide the training to PSU members and society. Professional certificates can be offered for interested students. The following training would be arranged since they are the most appealing for Data Science professionals. The decisive objective is to contribute in the Kingdom 2030 initiatives for the strategic objectives of health sector, education field and energy sector to support the vibrant digitized society. Main themes &Interdisciplinary Research Areas for AIDA Data Science Pattern recognition & image processing Computational intelligence Descriptive Analytics – Clustering, Segmentation, Visualization Predictive Analytics – Classification, Regression, Case-based reasoning, AI algorithms The leader of AIDA is Dr. Tanzila Saba, Associate Chair Information Systems Department. Dr.Tanzila Saba received her PhD degree in Document's Information Security and Management from Faculty of Computing Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia in 2012 and won the best student award in the Faculty of Computing UTM 2012. She received the UNESCO, TWAS and HEC scholarships for outstanding research output. Her focused research area is Machine Learning including health informatics, text mining, forensic documents analysis & security. She has published more than 150 research articles and around 100 research papers are Scopus/ISI/SCIE indexed. Due to her excellent research achievement, she is included in Marquis Who's Who 2012. She has been awarded the Outstanding Research Recognition award consecutively for 2014, 2015 & 2016 in Prince Sultan University. Dr.Tanzila is also the PSU ambassador for Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference at Stanford University. Currently the members of the lab include 12 faculty from the College of Computer and Information Sciences, 4 faculty with a background in Mathematics, Statistics and Humanities and 10 members collaborating from other International universities.