PSU SAP Next Gen Lab

As the College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) continues to foster quality education, research, co-innovation and, entrepreneurship opportunities for its students to support the millennial workforce of the Kingdom it is fully committed to helping create a vibrant pool of talent for future. We at CCIS are extremely glad and thankful to PSU higher management especially Dr. Ahmed Yamani, PSU Rector for supporting CCIS initiatives with SAP University Alliances and announcing the opening of the PSU SAP NEXT-GEN LAB on campus. We are positive that SAP lab on PSU campus would drive purposeful innovation and create a platform for universities, industries, and companies around the globe to connect with PSU faculty and students to engage in research and co-innovation. We are certain that our continued collaboration and engagement with SAP would augment the knowledge and innovation-driven culture at PSU. We look forward to strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem and facilitate networking with industry expertise. We are eager to educate our students with knowledge and skills required to support digital transformation plan of our country and SAP Next Gen-Lab is one such initiative which would enrich the learning experience of our students and will provide an opportunity to access professional industry based expertise that will help kick-start their careers in the digital economy.