Community Language Center (CLC)

Community language center has been transferred to CCI in June 2012. It focuses on meeting the community needs of learning variety of languages and mainly English language courses. CLC has achieved 17 sessions in different languages and stages as well as 275 participants. CLC goes along with CCI mission and vision to enhance the aspect of education, to grow university relations within the larger community & to promote and strengthen the internationalization of College for women & to facilitate access to new opportunities of education and training to students and staff to achieve the key competencies necessary to live in a competitive knowledge-based society. Our goal is to promote leadership, personal growth, and professional growth and become positive contributors to the community, economy, and organization. CLC focused also in the vision of CCI which is committed to enhance and expand educational opportunities, developing intellectual and creative potential and preparing leaders for the changing market.

CLC basically provides English courses taught by qualified English faculty members at PSCW and other languages such as; Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and French. Therefore CLC has built strong relationships with different embassies and institutions as well as international Universities like IE, Nagoya, and Ewha University.

Languages offered:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Turkish


CLC-Community Language Center offers an intensive 6 weeks English course for young learners, working adults, and to all who would like to learn the English language in a unique and effective way. This intensive course covers reading, writing, listening and speaking. We offer 6 levels from beginners to advance. We are proud to say our teaching staff are highly qualified and come from a British and American background. The students will be put in an ideal class size that is equipped with the latest technologies including computer labs for a whole new experience.


CLC chose the books “Cutting Edge” which builds on the distinctive task-based approach that has made this course so popular. Engaging texts, new video content and a comprehensive digital package are just some of the features that make these books effective.

Placement Test:

A placement test has been created which will help place students in the correct level. Your level will be determined through a precise testing system that includes both writing and speaking.

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CLC provides different levels of the French language. These levels are conducted by certified teachers form the French Embassy.

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CLC provides different levels of the Turkish language. These levels are conducted by a certified.

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