Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center was established in 1999 and is one of the independent (non-academic) university units. The Center provides computer facilities for all staff, faculties and students of the University complemented with advice, document-tation and anything else necessary for their usage. The IT facilities are available to all undergraduate students and IT support for personal research and training courses.
The University Computer Center activities are based upon the various platforms equipment integrated in local networks with laser printer output which provide a wide range of software and applications, web developing and designing, database develop-ping, as well as programming and system support to staff, lecturers and to PSU departments.
The fully operational University Campus Network improves the University communication infrastructure that links the existing information and computer resources with national and international networks. Internet services via the University Network are now available: e-mail, electronic news, and file exchange. The University Computer Center has specialized support staff. Their tasks are to work closely with their colleagues from the other departments and faculties in order to best use of the facilities.


The ITC strives to become an organization of dedicated energetic professionals who inspire and guide members of the PSU community and prepare them for a world of rapidly developing technological innovations.


Our object is to provide prompt, friendly and reliable information technology support service to the University community. Toward that end the ITC team gives leadership and shares expertise in the planning and introduction of new information technology on campus to further the University’s mission in teaching, research and administration.