Deanship of Digital Transformation & E-Transactions

Proceeding from vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and keeping pace with its achievements, and believing in the importance of moving towards digital maturity, the Deanship of Digital Transformation and E-Transactions was established to meet digital needs using advanced and renewable techniques to employ virtualization in creating a creative reality.

The Deanship seeks to support information, decision-making. Also, provide the necessary research, training and development for digital applications and E-platforms for a digital educational journey worthy of future makers.

It is also working on enriching the digital content, providing e-learning services to its employees, and developing the necessary infrastructure to enable the educational process in its contemporary digital concept.

The deanship includes the departments and units that are responsible for securing and protecting the university’s network and data, providing a data storage and information classification center. Also, providing and maintaining networks and communications, technical support for classes and office devices to facilitate processes, and automating administrative and educational transactions. Besides, it includes all that is needed to achieve its digital vision arising from the passion of Prince Sultan University towards leadership.