Human Resource Department

About Human Resources Department

Its tasks include: contributing to recruit and select faculty and staff members, completing the contracting procedures, following up on evaluating their performance. It also includes providing professional development, training, financial and in-kind rewarding, and managing all faculty affairs to ensure their advanced performance and continuity at the university.

The HR Department is committed to treat employees fairly and impartially without any discrimination following the principle of equality. In that regard, faculty evaluation is conducted on the basis of merit, competition and equal opportunities. Additionally, the HR Department ensures the right of discussion, expression of opinions, arguments and complaints to all faculty and employees.

Furthermore, the department encourages the spirit of initiation and innovation, provides an environment that stimulates these qualities. It rewards outstanding employees in a manner that commensurate with their work and novelty, develops their capabilities and supports performance improvements.

About Human Resources Department

Human Resource Directory

Guide for PSU circulars, policies and regulation related to PSU employees.

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Human Resource Units

Recruitment and Development Unit

Attracts, appoints, and develops qualified faculty and staff members, and ensures their adaptation to the work environment to reach the required level of performance.

Employees' Affairs Unit

Completes and documents all required forms for hiring faculty and staff members at the university, and manages their administrative affairs in accordance with the specified procedures.

Payroll and Financial Benefits Unit

Prepares, implements and reviews the payrolls, salaries and all financial dues to faculty, staff members, and all university employees. It ensures their timely implementation.

Personnel Services Unit

Provide a distinguished service to complete all work related to government agencies, medical care, travel tickets, and housing for faculty members.

Quality Policy:

The Human Resources Department adopts the establishment and implementation of an integrated system for quality management in the provision of its work in accordance with the requirements of the international standard and in accordance with the strategic directions and objectives of the university and with the regulations and instructions applied in the Kingdom, and achieves excellence in providing the work and services of the Human Resources Department in a way that improves performance to an international standard that meets the quality requirements and expectations of the beneficiaries. It undertakes the effective application, maintenance, periodic review and evaluation of the system to achieve continuous improvement.