International Affairs Office

Message from the IAO Director

Welcome to the International Affairs Office (IAO) at Prince Sultan University. At the IAO, dedication to facilitating a wide range of international activities both on and off-campus, in collaboration with esteemed institutions worldwide, is paramount. Our mission aligns with the university's vision of becoming the foremost private institute of higher education in the Middle East, offering an education of unparalleled quality that meets global standards.

As the first private university in Saudi Arabia, priority lies in delivering international programs that meet the evolving needs of future leaders, transcending national and cultural boundaries to provide students and stakeholders with a diverse and enriching experience. The goal is to enhance international learning opportunities and foster cross-cultural collaborations. To achieve this, commitment to establishing and nurturing fruitful relationships with educational partners across the globe is unwavering, promoting a truly global perspective and fostering intercultural competencies.

About the International Affairs Office

Established in 2006, the International Affairs Office (IAO) at Prince Sultan University operates under the direct purview of the Office of the University President. Since its inception, the IAO has successfully implemented various programs, including the Study Abroad Program, Summer Trip Program, International Cooperative Training Programs, and other initiatives aimed at facilitating international engagements. Additionally, the IAO actively engages in forging and maintaining international relationships through the signing of global Memoranda of Understanding, Agreements, Student Mobility Agreements, and other collaborative arrangements, all aimed at promoting an internationalized environment at PSU.