Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Community Service Policy

Policy Code: CM0001
Policy Name: Community Service Policy
Handler: Community Service Center
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


In accomplishing the vision and mission of the university, Community Service Center, which is part of Community Service and Continuing Education (CSCE) unit, was established in PSU to offer various programs to all segments of the society. Prince Sultan University (PSU) highly believes in providing quality education to its students equal to other reputable universities in the world.


The purpose of the Community Service Policy is to promote personal, social and civic development of PSU students, faculty and staff. It also aims to provide PSU students with practical experience working with community-based organizations and individuals. Moreover, this policy could foster real-time experiential learning to leverage individual skills and expertise in a service capacity.


Community Services to 'Voluntary and non-profit activities or/and services conducted by the university in serving the external community, generating social, cultural and educational benefits to the society'. Voluntary and non-profit activities/services refer to any performing an action, without compensation, that benefits the needs of a community or helps address a societal problem. University can include PSU students, faculty and staff who are willing to take part in the relevant activities or services arranged by the Community Services Unit.

Social, cultural and educational benefits refers to activities or services or experiences that match the needs of our neighbors, as well as the skills and interests of student/faculty/staff volunteers. The benefits can be achieved through sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with local social service, governmental, educational and cultural agencies. External Community here refers to any group of people outside the internal stakeholders. It may be the immediate community around university, the province, or anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. The activities or services designed or planned by any department of PSU colleges should be linked or related to the in the departmental or college strategic plan or action plan in achieving their vision and mission.
  2. In planning the community services activities or services, policies and procedures at all levels within the university has to be taken into account. The department identifies the community services activities based on the enumerated criteria as stipulated by the college and CSCE. Upon the approval, the department proceeds with details planning and scheduling the activity.
  3. Once the approval is received, the Department should allocates the resources required and faculty members or students or staff who will be participating in the activities. Priority should be given to the Community Services Committee of the department though others are also invited. Provision of activity will be by rotation to ensure the involvement of all faculty members. The impact of the output is evaluated and the activities will be reviewed regularly.
  4. The Department will prepare the Community Services Report in each academic year. The report must be used to improve the processes by incorporating the best practices learned in the community engagement.
  5. The student or faculty or staff can receive no monetary compensation or academic credit for the service.