Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Sustainable Financial Revenue Diversification Policy

Policy Code: GV00010
Policy Name: Sustainable Financial Revenue Diversification Policy
Handler: Rector Office
Date Created: 15 July 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval: 02/09/2020


Prince Sultan University is the first private-not-for-profit university established to provide distinguished academic and research programs in KSA. PSU academic and financing models are strongly based on international best practices which advocate diversification of financial revenue through innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization of research. The main purpose of this policy is to outline the PSU framework for revenue diversification. The policy is based on international best practices and the recommendations of PSU boards, stakeholders and accreditation agencies.


To maintain sustainable financial resources that support growth and excellence without the risk of imposing high tuition fees, PSU recommends and encourages the diversification of financial revenues using, but not limited to, the following approaches:

  • Entrepreneurship acceleration programs that help students and faculty members transform their bright innovative ideas into startups and companies based on a well-defined acceleration programs
  • Registration and commercialization of patents using a comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) Policy
  • Establishing business companies to commercialize research products and protypes. This is a quite common practice in international universities.
  • Establish joint companies with recognized local or international organizations to provide services or sell products.
  • To establish a company or startup, the respective entity or group prepares a detailed proposal using the format provided by PSU
  • The proposal should cover all needed items and satisfy the Ministry of Commerce requirements
  • In case of joint companies, the proposal should be based on a signed MOU with the partners
  • All proposals are reviewed by external and internal reviewers before moving to the next step
  • After review, PSU raises the matter for approval and registration with the Ministry of Commerce
  • Based on the university charter, Rector of the university represents the university in all operations


  • PSU already established an entrepreneur program with well-defined processes
  • PSU already prepared a comprehensive IP policy and established an IP office
  • PSU already prepared an MOU policy to guide the signing of agreements with external partners
  • PSU prepares a detailed guideline for establishing startups and companies, including forms and requirements
  • Company establishment and related activities will be taken care of by the PSU Commercialization unit based on provided guidelines
  • The Rector of the University represent PSU as “the principal owner” of startups and companies