Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Sustainable Ethical Food Sourcing Policy

Policy Code: GV0015
Policy Name: Sustainable Ethical Food Sourcing Policy
Handler: PSU Catering Services Unit
Date Created: 15 July 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval: 02/09/2020

  1. Introduction, definition, and purpose
  2. Scope and application
  3. Responsibility of faculty members
  4. Approval policy


Since its establishment, Prince Sultan University has been committed to sustainability and sustainable development. PSU is adopting strict selection, screening, and vetting ethical food sourcing process. The main purpose of this policy is to formalize and mandate the practice.


  • Adopt green, environment friendly practices or food sourcing and preparation
  • Make sure that all providers in the supply chain stick to ethical standards established by the municipality and government agencies
  • Prepare food using natural fresh ingredients that has been produced using natural healthy processes
  • Avoid all types of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial ingredients
  • Minimize the use of plastics in packaging or as containers when serving meals and drinks
  • The use of transparent, clean healthy processes to prepare and deliver meals
  • Encourage the consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Provide attractive organic vegetarian options
  • Use natural vegetable oil for cooking
  • Reduce the consumption of energy
  • Minimize the emission of carbon
  • Local source food as much as possible

Ethical Food Sourcing

In addition to the direct food sourcing criteria, PSU uses additional ethical criteria for vetting and selecting providers, which include:

  • The transparency of the employment process and the levels of compliance with sustainability standards
  • Labor and work practices of the company
  • Compliance with health standards
  • Compliance with local and international quality standards


The Catering Services Unit (CSU) is the entity responsible for managing and monitoring food services in the university

  • All food services are outsourced in PSU
  • The CSU oversees is the vetting and selection process of providers
  • The selection process is based on food sourcing criteria, including the sustainability ethical standards set by PSU
  • The CSU annually announces and reviews bids from providers and applies a transparent selection process to shortlist and award contracts


  • The CSU is formed by the and overseen by the office of the Vice Rector for Administration and Financial Affairs
  • CSU is responsible for the management, monitoring and evaluation of catering services entities
  • CSU reports to the Vice Rector office for Admin and Financial Affairs and the Quality Assurance Office
  • The Quality Assurance Office makes sure that all operations, processes