Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Sustainable Waste Management, Prevention and Disposal Policy

Policy Code: GV0016
Policy Name: Sustainable Waste Management, Prevention and Disposal Policy
Handler: PSU Maintenance Department
Date Created: 15 July 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval: 02/09/2020

  1. Introduction, definition, and purpose
  2. Scope and application
  3. Responsibility of faculty members
  4. Approval policy

Purpose and Aims

Prince Sultan University is a sustainable green university that preaches and applies sustainable development approaches and practices at all levels. As part of its endeavors to build a safe, green campus, PSU adopts sustainable waste management and disposal practices that are implemented in coordination with municipal and government agencies.


PSU waste management and disposal policy aims to:

  • Build and maintain a safe, healthy green campus
  • Apply the appropriate approach and use the proper channels for disposing waste based on its category
  • Minimize the use of plastics and reduce plastic waste
  • Minimize the use of disposable items
  • Adopt energy efficiency standards
  • Avoid carbon-intensive industries and similar chemical processes that cause the emission of unhealthy gases
  • Measure and monitor the amount of landfill and recycled waste

Categories of waste

  1. Landfill solid waste
  2. Electronic waste
  3. Paper waste
  4. Hazardous materials
  5. Reusable old furniture and equipment
  6. Plastic waste
  7. Carbon and unhealthy gas emissions


  • PSU maintenance unit is the entity responsible for waste management, prevention and disposing
  • The maintenance unit establishes the appropriate infrastructure, instructions and guidance for waste management, prevention and disposing.
  • The maintenance unit applies the appropriate approach and channel for waste disposal based on the waste handling table below
  • Landfill waste is disposed using services provided by the Municipality waste disposal network
  • A prevention approach is used to reduce carbon and gas emissions
  • Other types of waste are disposed in coordination with specialized agencies and charity organizations
  • The unit regularly measures the amounts of landfill and recycled waste respectively and raises regular reports on these to upper admin departments
  • The department raises regular reports to the higher administration and the quality assurance office
  • The quality assurance office is responsible for monitoring performance and KPI’s

Waste Handling and Disposal Channels

Solid Landfill waste Disposal using appropriate channel Municipal Waste Disposing network
Electronic Waste Recycling through specilzed agencies recommended by the Municipality Specialized agencies for disposing electronic waste
Publications and Paper Waste Recycling or donation through recommended agencies or recognized charity organizations Philanthropic societies and organizations
Hazardous Material Waste Disposal through trusted specialized agencies recommended by the Municipality Trusted specialized agencies for disposing hazardous waste
Reusable Furniture and Equipment Donation to needy people and organizations through charity organizations Recognized charity organizations
Carbon and gas emissions Minimization or prevention Instructions, regulations, and guidelines
Plastic waste Minimization or prevention Instructions, regulations, and guidelines


  • The maintenance unit establishes guidelines and processes for waste management and disposal.
  • Disseminates guidelines and monitor the process.
  • Outsource the recruitment of cleaners and workers to manpower agencies.
  • Raise reports to superiors and the quality assurance committee.