Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Document & Retention Policy

Policy Code: GV0017
Policy Name: Document & Retention Policy
Handler: ITC and DQAD
Date Created: 15 July 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


Establish and maintain a secure electronic document management system to facilitate efficient collaboration and information sharing across the whole university.


  1. PSU will establish a secure electronic Document Management and Archiving System (DMAS)
  2. Among other functionalities, DMAS will be used to maintain, share and circulate documents
  3. Document sharing and circulation will be based on an Access Control System to ensure that documents are only accessed by authorized persons
  4. Access Control and document management will be based on a clear classification of documents based on the source, target audience, level, lifetime ….etc
  5. DMAS should be supported by a scanning unit to accommodate images of hard copies and legacy documents
  6. DMAS should incorporate a smart notification system to inform owners and stakeholders about updates and status of documents
  7. All PSU legacy documents can be incorporated in DMAS through the scanning unit

Document Classification Process

  1. A good document classification scheme is important and crucial for the success of the system
  2. PSU document classification scheme should be developed and maintained by a joint team from the ITC and University Admin
  3. The process may start by identifying document types and categories, then using other parameters to produce a classification that supports effective document management

Document Retention or Archiving:s

  1. Decisions regarding document retention or archiving are strongly based on the “Level” and “Lifetime” parameters in the above mentioned classification
  2. Every unit should confirm the “Level” and “Lifetime” fields when they insert or upload documents to DMAS
  3. The system will automatically apply the right decision regarding archiving or removing the document with a notification to the owner and stakeholder


  • The ITC and DQAD would take the responsibility of deploying the system and coordinate training sessions for all faculty and stakeholders
  • Guidelines for using the system would be provided