Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Information Technology support for Teaching and Learning (ITTL) Policy

Policy Code: IT0001
Policy Name: Information Technology support for Teaching and Learning (ITTL) Policy
Owner: Information Technology Center
Responsible Office/Department: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


Prince Sultan University provides information technology resources to a large and varied group, including faculty, staff, students, and guests. All members of this community are responsible for using these resources in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner that does not interfere with the reasonable use by other community members. The ELC and ITCS work together to help facilitate and support the use of information technology at PSU.


The ITTL Policy is to provide IT support for faculty members to become more effective and more efficient in their teaching. It is to encourage collaboration with students and faculty members to promote high quality educational experiences at Prince Sultan University via the use technology in the T&L cycle in line with the Learning Outcomes. The E-Learning Center (ELC) was developed to support, promote and encourage faculty and staff to apply technology in their day-to-day academic and administrative (tasks/responsibilities).


This policy applies to all courses offered by Prince Sultan University and to all faculty members, students, and others who use information technology on campus.


The faculty members are encouraged to effectively use learning technology tools to help enhance the teaching and learning experience. Innovation and creativity are strongly encouraged. Learning technology can include LMS, software programs, tech equipment, or digital videos.

e-Learning Environment Platform is to:
a. To support and enhance the use of the University’s electronic learning platforms.
b. To assist faculty in their use of the E-learning environment platforms to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
c. to enhance faculty and student experience using the e-learning platform.

The E-Learning Center and Teaching will support the advancement of technology usage in the classroom by supporting faculty with the following sessions:

  • Providing the technological assistance to faculty in improving the course delivery and management (from smart boards up to LMS).
  • Assessing the faculty needs in their teaching related to technology and provide up to date systems for improving learning outcome.
  • Providing support and technological resources to enhance classroom experience.
  • Training faculty and students on all relevant technologies.
  • Providing technological support for collaboration and group learning.
  • Providing and promote e-Learning systems.
  • Providing resources to build multimedia course content and train faculty on the use of these resources.
  • Providing resources and training to build online web-based course content.