Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Approved Application Policy

Policy Code: IT0010
Policy Name: Approved Application Policy
Handler: ITCS
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


This policy is intended to protect ITC resources by requiring all PSU users to only run or install safe applications.

Approved Applications

PSU users are allowed to install and operate safe approved applications. If any PSU user wants to use an application, he/she should submit a request to ITC for approval before using it in any ITC computing devices. In case of any security problem, the user is held responsible and will be susceptible to disciplinary action.


There are some exceptions with regard to specific PSU staff who require specific applications that part of their jobs.


Any violation of this policy might lead to disciplinary action and up to dismissal.