Prince Sultan University
PSU Policy Management System
Academic Support Policy

Policy Code: SM0001
Policy Name: Academic Support Policy
Handler: Academic Affairs
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


Students need support during their academic life in the university. Providing a good, well defined student support system is one of the cornerstones for Prince Sultan University. The main purpose of this policy is to formalize an "early intervention" mechanism and maximize its benefits.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on identifying and supporting students who are in need of support at an early stage in their academic life.

Goals Supporting students to achieve their level best in a timely manner during their academic career. Helping student’s academic advisers to develop a system to monitor students by identifying potential problems early and helping to avoid them

Main Features:

  • Faculty members are required to monitor student’s attendance and their academic performance.
  • If the teacher notices any deviation from the norm, he/she should contact the student and investigate the reasons behind that.
  • The student’s academic advisor should be consulted to solve the issue.
  • If the need arises, the teacher should contact the chairperson for intervention.
  • The chairperson should check the student’s performance in other classes to verify whether the issue is confined to certain courses.
  • Proactive action should be taken to solve the issue such as cooperation between instructors and the academic advisers to find suitable ways to solve the point of weakness.

Mechanisms for support after a weakness is identified may include:

  • Talking to the concerned student may indicate:
  • The problem is a temporary one and is due to some minor issue
  • Extra tutoring and office hours for the student will overcome the issue
  • If the weakness continues, the instructor may:
  1. Contact the advisor.
  2. Contact the chairperson.
  3. Contact the dean.
  4. Contact the student counseling office.
  • The instructor files a copy of all documents related to each case.
  • The instructor provides a report to the department chair.