Prince Sultan University
PSU Policy Management System
Student Records Management Policy

Policy Code: SM0006
Policy Name: Student Records Management Policy
Handler: Deanship of Admissions and Registration
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


This policy and its related procedures specifies requirements and standards for the creation, security and retention of student and applicant records, including examined work, in all formats, together with lines of accountability.


Maintaining and protecting student records is one of the major issues in educational institutions. It is of vital importance that the university maintains accurate and up to date records related to all students. This policy describes how PSU handles this issue


This policy applies to records and associated personal information about all applicants, current and former students.


The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at Prince Sultan University has developed policies and guidelines governing the care and preservation of student’s records.

1. Student Record Folder

There are two classifications of student record folder, mainly the newly admitted student and the transfer student. The following information shall be kept in the folder:

1.1. New admitted student

  1. The PSU application form. The following information is provided on the form.
  2. Student’s full name in both Arabic and English.
  3. National/Iqama ID.
  4. High school (Name of school, place, year graduated, discipline, and the high school average or mark).
  5. Date, and place of birth (Hijri and Gregorian calendars).
  6. Gender, birth of place, religion, and nationality.
  7. National Aptitude Test score.
  8. Student contact information (mobile/phone number, home address, e-mail address) - Guardian’s information (name, mobile/phone number, email address, work address).
  9. In case of emergency (name of person, home/phone number, mobile number, place of work, office phone number, and the relationship with the student)
  10. Student working information (if yes, an attached letter from employer)
  11. A certificate of Good Conduct from high school
  12. An Original high certificate with stamp from the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  13. Original scores of TOEFL/IELTS if the student took the exam.
  14. A medical certificate.
  15. A copy of national/Iqama ID.
  16. The Student's PSU ID Number

1.2. Transfer Student

  1. Transfer application form. The following information is provided on the form:
    • Student’s full name in both Arabic and English
    • Date, and place of birth,
    • Nationality, Religion, National/Iqama ID
    • High School (name of school, place, year graduated, and the high school average)
    • Name of college/university last attended (previous academic major, GPA, Dates attended, and the major wants to join at PSU)
  2. Guardian information (contact name, mobile/office phone, address, and the relationship with the student)
  3. Student signature, mobile/home phone number, and e-mail address
  4. An official transcript of academic records from previous college/university last attended or certificate of grades earned.
  5. Course descriptions or course syllabus.
  6. Evaluation of transfer equivalency course(s) from the concerned department director/chairman.
  7. A medical certificate.
  8. A copy of national/iqama ID.
  9. Student Record in E-register system The following information will be provided.
    • Student’s full name in both Arabic and English.
    • Date, and place of birth,
    • National ID No.
    • Contact Information.
    • Information of last school attended (name of school, place, year graduated, and the high school average).
    • A student ID number assigned, where applicable.
    • All other academic information must be stored in the e-register system; including, program of study, degree plan, courses registered, course grades, GPAs, Attendance record, transferred courses (if any), advisor's name.
    • Financial record history must be stored in the e-register system.

C) Retention of Student’s File

The following information will be retained as follows:

  1. Student’s information in an electronic format will be kept permanently.
  2. Original paper documents such as transcript of academic record, high school certificate, TOEFL/IELTS, a copy of PSU certificate, etc. will be kept permanently.
  3. Other documents may be destroyed in shredded paper machine twenty (20) years after the student graduates or leaves the university.

Change of Name

  • 4.1 Minor change of name
  • A student’s name may be changed if the student provides legal photo-ID proof like national/Iqama ID card, Driving license card or passport

  • 4.2. Major change of full name
    1. A student’s full name may be changed if the student will provide legal documents from the Ministry of Interior certifying the name before and after correction.
    2. A copy of the document or certificate from Ministry of Interior and the written request of change of name will be kept in the student’s file so that the record will appear as if originally established in the new name.


No Information about any student may be released except with written consent of the student with the following exceptions:

  1. Information needed by PSU units provided that the requested information is relevant to that particular unit, based on the judgment of the Registrar.
  2. Information requested by government agencies (the information must be released through the Rector's Office)
  3. Information requested by the Father/Mother/Guardian of the student (after verification by the Admissions office)


  • The student has the right to access any information in his/her record, except:
    1. Letters of recommendation received from other schools
    2. Any Internal PSU Memos
  • The student is responsible for the security of his username and password