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Textbook Approval Policy

Policy Code: SM0007
Policy Name: Textbook Approval Policy
Handler: Academic Affairs
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


Generally, textbooks are selected by the individual faculty members or a committee composed of faculty members who are teaching the course and they submit a proposal to a departmental committee for approval of the textbook selected.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a set of guidelines for selecting and adopting textbooks. It specifies when a textbook for a given course can be changed, what criteria are to be used for selecting a textbook, how to go about recommending a textbook, and who makes the final approval.


This policy applies to all academic programs and departments.


A new textbook is proposed when one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • The course has just been introduced into the curriculum.
  • The content has been modified and the current textbook no longer suits a given course.
  • The textbook being used in a given course is not well received by students in terms of readability, support material, and presentation.
  • There is a newly published textbook that seems to fit more with objectives and learning outcomes of the course

The following criteria should be applied in proposing a textbook:

  1. The current textbook has been used for at least two semesters, preferably by the same instructor(s).
  2. The current textbook has been evaluated by students (Using Textbook Evaluation Form), in addition to the instructor(s) using it.
  3. The proposed textbook should cover most of the course content as specified by the detailed outline or specification.
  4. The proposed textbook should be consistent with the course objectives and learning outcomes.
  5. The proposed textbook should present the material in a way that helps students understand the course content.
  6. The proposed textbook should be up-to-date in covering the knowledge area of the given course for which it is recommended.
  7. The proposed textbook should have been used by other well-known schools offering the same course.

In proposing a new textbook, the following parties should be involved:

  • The instructor(s) of the course on both male and female sides.
  • The curriculum committee in the respective department.
  • The chairman of the department to which the given course belongs.
  • The dean and college council.
  • Procedure

    1. A written proposal (using Textbook Proposal Form) should come from one of the faculty members assigned to teach the given course.
    2. The faculty members from the male and female sides should meet and discuss the proposal and make a clear recommendation based on the information given and any information necessary for making the appropriate decision.
    3. The recommendation should be submitted to the chairman of the college curriculum committee who reviews the proposal with the other colleagues in the committee and makes a recommendation to the college council.
    4. The College Council considers the recommendation made by instructors and the curriculum committee and takes the final decision.
    5. If the textbook is approved by the college council, the chairman of the respective department signs the request for purchasing the textbook by the Bookstore.

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