Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Learning Management System (LMS) Policy

Policy Code: TL0003
Policy Name: LMS Policy
Handler: E-Learning Center
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


A learning management system (LMS) aids teaching and learning process at PSU by enhancing its quality and effectiveness. Major goal of using LMS or any blended learning system is to expedite student learning experience by providing interactive access to course materials, learning resources, mode of assessment and any needful information.


This policy addresses the usage of Learning Management System (LMS) that provides an online access of (a) course contents in form of presentation, videos or handouts (b) course related activities such as discussion forums, chat boards, blogs, (c) course assessments such as online quizzes, Turnitin assignments and other form of assessments (d) announcement systems such as class announcements, calendar, notifications and bulk or multi email system (e) effective teaching and learning experience by supporting collaborative learning. The policy is intended for authorized usage of LMS in terms of who can do what as well as what are the governing policies for running and maintaining such a system .


The policy is applicable for any courses that are offered by PSU and is applicable for all of its users the faculty, administrators, students and anyone related to LMS.

Usage of Policy:

The Rector of PSU has made it mandatory that all faculty members utilize the LMS in their teaching and learning and to communicate with their students. The LMS is centrally supported through ITC and administered by the E-Learning Center. The latter helps to manage the LMS and make certain the faculty and students have easy access to the LMS, and make effective use of its various features.


All faculty members are required to provide evidence of LMS usage inside the course portfolios. It is required that the Course Report will contain a description of how LMS has been incorporated into the course along with proper documentation on LMS usage.

Minimum Required Use for All Credit Courses

All courses with LMS sites need to adhere to the following minimum requirements:

  1. A welcome message with an overview about the expectation of the use of the site
  2. The current course syllabus.
  3. Course materials: at least lecture slides, handouts, or notes
  4. At least two different assessments such as a quiz and assignment
  5. Assessments calendar
  6. Gradebook contained within the LMS with the recorded grades of 60% of distributed term grades

Minimum usage does not correspond to only usage and it is highly recommended to use any other tools that can be integrated with LMS such as different publisher plugins for LMS. Moreover, usage of discussion forums, announcements, turnitin assignment, videos, glossary, pages and links are highly recommended.


  • Assessments are advised to be conducted during PSU official office hours.
  • The E-learning Center (ELC) will not be responsible for any issues related to assessments conducted during official holidays, weekends or outside working hours.
  • Information about any online assessment must be sent four (4) days before in order for ELC to test the LMS.

User Management and Access

  • All users of LMS should use their IT account issued by ITCS at the time of registration.
  • Faculty and students enrolled in a course as listed in the E-register will have access to the course site in the LMS.
  • Faculty and students must access LMS for any course related activity.
  • Sharing of illegal or pirated contents is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of new enrollment or missing section, email should be routed through chairpersons for addition of faculty to the course.
  • For student enrollment, faculty are authorized to add them to their course but should not conflict with E-register that will be considered as reference.
  • LMS cannot be used for any purpose other than PSU related activities strongly linked with academics.
  • Softwares cannot be shared through LMS.
  • PSU will not be responsible for any content shared based on its accuracy, integrity, legality and it is the sole responsibility of the instructor to manage it.
  • Access to the LMS shall be disabled for users who display inappropriate behavior, per PSU’s policy and other policies that define appropriate conduct for College employees and students.

PSU holds a freedom to share, use it for printing or publicity for any content present on LMS while hiding the identity of user.