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COOP Policy

Policy Code: TL0004
Policy Name: COOP Policy
Handler: College & Departmental Committees; DAR; COOP Office
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


The goal of the Co-Op Program is to associate modern academic studies with the business sector. The Program emphasizes theoretical studies and, at the same time, exposes the students to the practical environment of selected institutes and corporations during the training period.

This method enables the students to gain hands-on experience in a realistic environment. The goal of this practical stage is to enhance the students' skills and relate principles and perceptions to the practical field by allowing them to acquire new skills, getting them used to creative thinking and permitting them to practice problem solving and decision making.

This is achieved through first-rate preparation and effective means of communication, which aims at establishing profound skills in information science, proper ethics, discipline, self-confidence and cooperation with others. It also teaches students the importance of respect toward superiors and consideration of subordinates.


The purpose of this policy is to fulfill the University’s goal in allowing our students a chance to gain practical experience, thus preparing them for a successful future. It also brings institutions and corporations involved in the program in contact with highly educated and motivated science technicians, which improves performance and productivity.


This policy applies to all students and academic programs at the undergraduate level.


The Co-Op is a requirement for all undergraduate students at PSU upon completion of their coursework in their program. It is required that they have a GPA of 2.0 to enter the Co-Op and graduate.

Enrollment Criteria:

Students are to approach the Department Co-Op Coordinator with applications for enrollment if they meet the following criteria:

  1. For students to have completed all Courses, aside from the Co-Op Program. An exception can be made for a student to register the Co-Op Program, and to then register up to (20) credit hours, maximally, in the following semester. This only applies if the student’s both Academic Supervisor, and the Deanship of Admissions and Registration provide their approval.
  2. The minimum required cumulative GPA for the student must not be less than 2 out of 4, in the semester prior to commencing the Co-Op Program, and after the credit results of that semester. In case the student’s cumulative GPA falls below the minimum required, the student may revise, and recalculate their cumulative GPA at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, thereby reviewing the possibility of the cumulative GPA meeting the minimum requirement.
  3. The student must be completely devoted to the Co-Op Program and make themselves available without having any other commitments. It is not permissible to combine the Co-Op Program with any other course, no matter the number of credit hours for that course. An exception can be made for only one course to be taken with the Co-Op Program, if the following conditions transpire:
    • For the student to have received an (F) in the subject the student wishes to retake, which was in the semester prior to the Co-Op Program
    • For the student to have not received a (DN) in the subject which the student wishes to retake, in the semester prior to the Co-Op Program.
    • For the GPA to be 2 out of 4, minimally, for the semester prior to the Co-Op Program.
    • The Organization, which the student will join for the Co-Op Program must approve the inclusion of an additional course, to be studied simultaneously with the Program.
  4. The Student will be denied the Co-Op Program, for one semester, in the following cases:
    • The Student changing the already approved Organization for the Co-Op Program, to another Organization, without a report from the student’s College Supervisor, indicating the reasons for approving the change in Organizations, specifically regarding the lack of benefit the student received from the aforementioned Organization, whilst informing the Organization, which the student will change from, beforehand.
    • In case of any proven misconduct, whether professionally, or ethically.
  5. 5. The overall grading percentages will be 50% from the Organization, which the student trained in, and the remaining 50% will be in the hands of the college, which the student falls under. (For more information, see the Co-Op Handbook)

Duration of the Co-Op Program:

The Cooperative Education Program is a 28-week program, which is equivalent to 10 accredited academic hours (With the exception of the Accounting department, which has 300 working hours, and is equivalent to 3 accredited academic hours). It is scheduled to be held in the summer and first semester, and in the second semester and summer.

The Cooperative Education Administration is responsible for directing students for cooperative education. The training will take place at the location of the selected organization inside or outside Saudi Arabia. Students shall have the option of suggesting the place of training, subject to the Department’s approval.

For detailed information, and description, see the PSU Co-Op Handbook