Prince Sultan University PSU
Policy Management System
Recruitment Policy

Policy Code: TL0008
Policy Name: Recruitment Policy
Handler: HR, Colleges, & Departmental Committees
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


Prince Sultan University takes the recruitment of qualified faculty members as one of its strategic goals. The recruitment of new faculty members is among the most important enterprises in which a university can engage. Effective recruitment process can revitalize the intellectual dynamism of a department or program, bolster its teaching capacity and breadth, and elevate the long-term research profile and prestige of an institution.


The purpose of this policy is to offer recommendations on the procedures for recruitment to the academic departments of the Colleges.


This policy applies to all administrative staff involved in recruitment, recruitment committees from each college, and higher management involved in the recruitment of faculty members.


Each college is responsible for assigning at least one Recruitment Coordinator to liaise between the HR office and the department recruitment committees and their respective Dean/Vice Dean. The committee must aim to hire and maintain highly qualified teaching staff based on the needs of the department and in align with standards specified by local and international accreditation agencies to uphold the TLQF. Prince Sultan University indorses a systematic process to recruitment and selection of staff in order to hire the most qualified and best candidate for the position. The process of recruitment, selection and employment must be done under complete supervision by the Human Resource Office (HR). The HR Office shall provide guidance on this policy and its implementation.
The Recruitment Policy shall be followed at each stage of recruitment and selection process according to the following stages listed below:

Recruitment Applications and Short listing Process

  1. HR receives applicants’ resumes by hand or by email.
  2. HR recruitment employee replies to PhD and Masters Applicants to fill in attached PSU Employment Application and sends it back to the HR email/office.
  3. PhD and master’s Applicants receive a confirmation letter. Bachelor applicants receive a regret letter.
  4. HR recruitment employee collects all applicants’ resumes and PSU Employment Applications and sorts them according to specialization.
  5. HR recruitment employee will:
    Forward softcopies or hardcopies of the newly received resumes\file to the Colleges recruitment coordinators copying the Deans/Vice Deans of their respective Colleges for their records and follow-up and assign a deadline for submitting evaluation results (Using Forms #1 and # 2).
    1. The Recruitment Coordinator manages the database of resumes received and sends emails to the departmental committees.
    2. The Department Committee will:
      • Evaluate the received Resumes by the assigned deadline o Indicate reason(s) in case of rejection
      • Forward resumes file back to the Dean/Vice-Dean of their respective college
      • The Dean/Vice-Dean of the respective college will forward the resumes back to the HR recruitment employee (Using Form #3).

Selection Applicants, who pass the initial screening from the recruitment office, shall be screened by the respective department/college. The applicant’s credentials shall be submitted to the respective college Dean/Vice Dean and/or academic chair or director for further review of the applicant’s credentials.

The HR recruitment employee will:

  1. Request the approval of the Rector/Vice Rector to send regret letters to rejected applicants
  2. Request accepted applicants to submit their completed documents
  3. Send a Future Regret Letter to future consideration applicants
  4. Update recruitment report, regret database, and future consideration database
  5. The HR Recruitment employee will collect submitted documents of each accepted applicant in a separate file and forward it to the concerned College Recruitment Coordinator who schedules interviews and demo lessons (Using Form #4) according to the Department Committees’ timetable.
  6. The Department Committee will conduct the interviews and evaluate the demo lessons using the appropriate forms from HR.
  7. The Department Recruitment Committee will forward their final results to the Dean/Vice-Dean of their respective College with a cover memo to request a Direct Hire, Send Regret Letter, or Keep for Future Consideration (Using Forms # 5, 6, and 7) for final recommendations from the College.
  8. The Dean/Vice-Dean of the respective college will forward the final results to the HR Office to process.


B. The HR recruitment employee will: - Prepare a data sheet Forward the file to the Rector (male campus)/Vice Rector (female campus) for review and recommendations.
The HR recruitment employee will forward approved files by the Vice Rector female campus to the Rector for his review and final approval to issue a job offer.
The HR Office receives the file back from the Rector’s office, and forwards the job offer to the applicant.
The applicant confirms receiving the job offer and replies in no longer than two weeks of sending date.
If the job offer is accepted, the HR office requests the Rector’s Office to prepare a contract. If the job offer is declined, the HR Office negotiates offer with applicant or looks for a replacement.
The HR recruitment employee forwards employment contract to applicant o The applicant confirms receiving the employment contract and replies in no longer than one month of the contract date.
Once the contract is signed, the HR recruitment employee will:

  • Prepare a Visa request letter (three months maximum before beginning of following semester)
  • Fax letter to Saudi Cultural Mission at applicant’s home country
  • Provide applicant with a copy of the letter to start processing the Visa from his/her end.
  • Once the Visa is stamped, the applicant forwards a copy to the HR recruitment employee where a flight and place of residence are booked and arrangements for airport transportation are made.
  • Once the applicant arrives, the HR recruitment employee arranges for the medical examination to process the Iqama Card.

The applicant is officially ready to join PSU and becomes a new faculty member!

Advertising Vacancies

  • All vacancies for positions for more than one year shall be advertised. All external job advertisements are to be published as a minimum on the HigherEd Jobs web site.
  • The position description, including statement of duties and selection criteria should be indicated in the advertisement.
  • The University reserves the right to invite candidates to apply for a position without advertising.

Key points to remember

  1. At a minimum, the Selection Committee shall conduct a telephone interview with the applicant. Interview session shall also include other relevant factors such as publications, seminars, research, and community service before reaching a final decision. Other forms of assessment should be sought where time permits to ensure that the applicant is fully qualified and competent for the position.
  2. Telephone reference checks may also be conducted on a confidential basis.
  3. All applicants are required to complete the PSU on-line application form and should submit the said through the website or the given email. No application shall be processed unless the said form is properly completed.
  4. The Recruitment office shall acknowledge receipt of job applications for all applicants and advise unsuccessful applicants as soon as possible once a shortlist of candidates has been decided.
  5. Applicants who obtained their academic degrees through on-line or distance education shall be automatically disqualified from the list.
  6. All possible applicants shall be required to submit their supporting documents – transcript of records, research, diplomas, and other relevant documents.