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Faculty Evaluation Policy

Policy Code: TL0013
Policy Name: Faculty Evaluation Policy
Handler: Academic Deans & Chairs
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


The Prince Sultan University Faculty Governing Policies and Regulations stipulates in Article 26 that: at the end of each academic year, the faculty member shall provide a report about his/her academic activities, research papers, field activities and community services in which he/she was engaged or participated, and such reports shall be submitted to the concerned Department Chairperson who in turn shall appraise the same to the College Dean.(p.15)
The annual faculty evaluation is conducted at the end of each academic year and is based on the previous academic year's job performance (second and first semesters). Faculty members are responsible for timely submission and accuracy of the information included in the evaluation. A copy of the evaluation form is available from the department chairperson.


Prince Sultan University faculty members will undergo an annual performance evaluation to ensure their academic performance is commensurate with their rank and status, and that they remain accountable for their academic performance within their College. The result of the Annual Performance Evaluation is linked to their annual increment and decision on retention/renewal of contract.


All faculty members at PSU will be evaluated by students, direct supervisors, and their peers (coordinators or course group supervisors). The primary responsibility for monitoring the quality of teaching will rest with the individual departments and will be communicated with the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Research office who has assigned a committee to review the forms and procedures on a periodic basis. The committee is chaired by the VRAAR.

Student Evaluation of Faculty Members

Formal student evaluations of faculty occur in each course in the areas of teaching and delivery, feedback, professionalism, and interpersonal communication at the end of each semester via the e-register system using EEC-HES’ Course Evaluation Survey the data used for the evaluation is the second semester from the previous academic year and the first semester from the current academic year. This data is shared with both the faculty member and the department chairperson and Dean/Vice Dean of the College or Deanship.

Department Chairperson/Director Evaluation of Faculty Members

Department chairs will conduct reviews of their full time faculty on an annual basis. These reviews will include direct observation in the classroom and data from student evaluations in the areas of teaching and delivery, student feedback, professionalism, and interpersonal communication. Feedback will be provided by the chair to the faculty member as a part of their annual review. Part time faculty will be evaluated on a rotational basis and provided feedback by their department chair within a timely manner after the session is evaluated.

Peer Evaluations of Faculty

As an optional exercise, faculty have the opportunity to participate in a process of peer observation of teaching whereby assigned and selected peers or mentors will be asked to observe their peer’s teaching in the areas of teaching and delivery, student feedback, professionalism, and interpersonal communication. This feedback will be shared with the faculty member observed by their respective peer observer or mentor for developmental purposes to assist with professional growth.

The Annual Performance Evaluation consists of different parts and breakdowns based upon the faculty member’s academic rank. The distribution is listed below: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor:

  • Teaching & Instructional Performance (40%)
  • Research & Community Service (30%)
  • Professional Development & Professional Conduct (30%) Lecturers:
  • Teaching & Instructional Performance (40%)
  • Research & Community Service (20%)
  • Professional Development & Professional Conduct (40%) Language Instructors:
  • Teaching & Instructional Performance (50%)
  • Community Service & Extra-Curricular Activities (10%) • Professional Development & Professional Conduct (40%) Teaching Assistants:
  • Performance in Lab/Class (30%)
  • Seeking Acceptance for Postgraduate Programs (30%)
  • Community Service and Extra-curricular Activities (20%)
  • Professional Development and Professional Conduct (20%)
    The completed forms are shared with all faculty members for feedback where both the chairperson and the faculty member sign the form. The faculty evaluation form is then submitted to both the Dean's office and the VRAAR's office for approval.

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