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Semester Abroad [PSA] Program

Policy Code: TL0016
Policy Name: Prince Sultan University Semester Abroad [PSA] Program
Handler: International Affairs Office
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval:


We emphasize the importance of student academics on the study abroad program and expect all students to perform at their best academically while abroad.


The PSA provides the University with a means to enrich a discrete number of PSU's best students' educational experiences via studying overseas at one of PSU's partner universities. Study abroad opens minds to new experiences, tempers character with new challenges and leads to new friendships. How well the PSU students perform abroad also enables the University to get a sense of its coordinates en route to providing the Middle East with quality education up to the highest international standards (i.e., benchmark). The PSA also helps develop PSU relationships with its partner institutions and prompts a reciprocal interest in broadening and deepening with PSU. Furthermore, the PSA benefits both students and the institution.


This policy applies to all students who meet the eligibility requirements to enter the study abroad program.


PSA Options:
In the first month of a term, the list of the PSA options for the next term (e.g. in September the list of partner universities, along with their respective undergraduate degree programs that are analogous to PSU academic majors, are announced and the English Proficiency requirements given. Below is the current PSA list of options for the Summer | Fall PSAs.

Semester Abroad [PSA] Program ( Click the image to view full size )

PSA Application Requirements & Conditions

  • University level students who will have 40-90 credits at the end of the Spring 2016 term
  • Meet the English Proficiency Requirements listed for the selected PSA Option - must submit official document of the score
  • Write a 500 word essay explaining why the option was chosen, what courses will likely be taken and how studying at the selected school fits into one’s future plans o Go through the PSA candidate screening and assessment process:
    • reading and critical thinking exam
    • 45 minute, 300 word in-house essay exercise at PSU
    • 15 minute interview at PSU if needed
    • Enclose in the application packet:
    • most recent official copy of PSU transcripts
    • two letters of recommendation from PSU Faculty
    • letter of parental consent to student’s participation in the PSA program Student can only apply for one of the listed options per term

One or two students who meet the qualification requirements and top the list of qualifying candidates applying for the specific PSA option are selected

PSA student/family agrees to cover the cost of 30% of the projected costs of the chosen PSA option and PSU 70%

PSA student signs contract with PSU identifying the responsibilities of PSU and the student

PSA Awards

Awards are merit based and governed by the conditions listed directly above. Merit is determined by the weighted assessment of a student’s English pro-ficiency, GPA, essays, and performance on the reading and critical thinking examination. Meeting the English proficiency requirement or having a high GPA does not guarantee an award. If the tallies are close for an options, there will be a weighted inter-view element added to the assessment formula.

The Awards are announced a week after the screening process. The awardees have three days to come to the IAO offices, review the terms of the contract, commit to the PSA program and turn in a signed contract four days after the announcement. If these conditions are not met, the award will be offered to the next student on the list who merits the award. Additionally should a student qualify but not be in the top two slots for an option, if his/her degree program match up for studying at another option school that occur if the student meets that school's requirement (e.g. MST requires that Engineering Management students have received C or better grades in their Physics and Math courses at PSU).

Faculty Advisors:

As needed, Departments assign a faculty member to work with a PSA awardee in determining what courses he/she should take at the host university. Additionally the host campus often provide advice in regards to the available courses on offer on that term and help PSU departments determine the nature of courses equivalencies and advice on electives.

The major factors involved in course selection are the curriculum design for the student major which lists the courses that he/she needs to take at PSU, the classes offered at the host school during the term, and those terms when electives that will enrich student's educational experience are available.

The faculty advisor keeps in touch with the student who is studying abroad and writes monthly follow up reports on the PSA student and forwards the reports to the relevant Department head and the IAO Director on the appropriate campus.

PSA Student Transcripts

Two weeks prior to the end of the term at the host campus, the IAO Director on the appropriate campus contacts the point person on the host campus and requests that the school send an official copy to the following PSU address:

Dean of Admissions and Registration Office
Prince Sultan University
PO Box 66833
Rafha Street
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11586
Phone: +966 11 494 8555

The IAO Director checks to see if the transcripts have been sent and received by the DAR Office and informs the PSA student of the same. The DAR sends copies of the student's transcript to the relevant Department head and to the IAO Directors on both campuses for their records.