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Access and Equity Policy

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Policy Name: Access and Equity Policy
Handler: Central Library
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
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The purpose of this policy is to provide the guidelines to ensure the equality of access of users to information resources in both PSU campuses.



CL-MC: It’s an abbreviation of Central Library – Men Campus, the library that is available at Men Campus at PSU.

CL-CW It’s an abbreviation of Central Library – Campus for Women, the library that is available at Campus for Women at PSU.

OPAC: It’s an abbreviation of Online Public Access Catalog; an online system used to check the availability of print books and other resources at libraries.

Policy Statement

It refers to users’ right of access to Central Library’ information resources, which means the ability of men and women to utilize the available resources.

This policy is designed to fulfill PSU community’s research and teaching needs with the information resources regardless of the location of the required resources whether these are available at CL-MC or CL-CW.

Users (Men and Women) have indubitably equitable access to library information resources: print and electronic; exchange of users’ required information resources between both libraries is available throughout opening hours.


  • Users search the OPAC; check the availability of required resource at their respective library. If the material is available at other campus library, a request is placed to obtain the material from other campus library.
  • Circulation librarians at both the libraries process request, keep record, and receive and return material accordingly.
  • The requested material is received by requesting library.
  • Material is issued to the faculty or students who have originally placed the request.
  • Users are provided help to access their required material hosted at the database subscribed by other library.


This policy is applicable to Central Library staff, students, faculty and administrative staff.


Policy violations may cause the reason of appropriate actions of concerned library directors.