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Circulation Policy

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Policy Name: Circulation Policy
Handler: Central Library
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
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The purpose of circulation policy is to provide a list of guidelines to maintain standardized and an efficient circulation service.



Circulation Service: A service in libraries that covers lending and return of books and other materials

Check-in: the process of returning of library books and other materials

Check-out: the process of borrowing of library books and other materials

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification. The technology in libraries that uses wireless communication in between the book (tag) and device (RFID reader). Self-Check machine: a machine at libraries that allows users to borrow and return books by themselves

Policy Statement

Central Library provides circulation services to students, faculty, administrative staff and external visitors. Users can borrow the items of their interest from Central Library. Following are borrowing privileges of users to borrow the general books:

Borrower Type Borrowing Limit Loan Period Renewals
Faculty 20 One Semester 2
Undergraduate Students 05 One Month 1
Graduate Students 05 One Month 1
Staff 05 One Month 1
External Visitors 05 One Month 1


Borrowing rules of reference sources, print journals, textbooks, CDs/DVDs, coop-reports, thesis, and iPads are different. Please contact circulation section of the central library for more details.


  • Borrowing and returning books at Central Library are performed personally through self-check machines using the library provided card/barcode.
  • Already issued books can be reserved using OPAC or visiting the libraries.
  • PSU students, faculty and staff are ex-officio members of their respective libraries. They just need to visit their library to get their library barcode.
  • Users are not allowed to share the library barcode with other users. They will be held responsible for any material borrowed on his/her card by other users.
  • Before leaving the university, users are required to return borrowed books. The libraries will sign the clearance form only when all the borrowed items are returned to libraries.
  • Teachers recommended textbooks are kept in reserve section and are available for borrowing for limited time.
  • Long overdue items with high demand from users can be recalled.
  • Before leaving the library building, users must ensure that the items are checked out properly. Users are responsible for any mistake in transactions on self-check machines.
  • Central Library uses RFID technology for circulation and security of its holdings. Illegally taken items from libraries are identified at security gates.
  • Following steps are needed for circulation of library material to external visitors:
    • Checking ID/residency card of visitor
    • Filling out the library visitor borrowing form
    • Depositing refundable amount of 1000 Saudi Riyals. The amount is taken as insurance and be deposited in accounts department
    • Creating user account in symphony ILS with ID number and name
    • Circulating the material
    • Circulation of library items using the self-check machine involve the following process:


      • Place the library barcode under the scan line.
      • Press ENTER
      • Place the book on gray square at self-check machine
      • Remove the book
      • Print receipt
      • Repeat the action for each book in case of multiple books Check-in
      • Place the book on gray square at self-check machine
      • Press CHECK-IN button
      • Remove the book
      • Print receipt
      • Put the book in the trolley beside the self-check machine


Library staff, faculty, students, administrative staff and external visitors.


Users are liable to return the borrowed items in due time. Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage or loss of books issued in their accounts.


Appendix B: Library Visitor Borrowing Form