PSU Signed an Agreement with L20 as part of G20 and SNC

On 20 October 2020, Prince Sultan University’s (PSU) Global SME Policy Network (GSPN) signed an agreement with the L20 and Saudi National Committee of Workers Committees (SNC). The President of the PSU, Dr Ahmed Yamani welcomed the delegates from the L20. The higher management of PSU also presented in this ceremony - Dr. Saad Al-Rwaita, Vice President, Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Abdelhafez Feda, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Al-Misher, Deputy Vice President, Academic Affairs, and Dr. Heba Khoshaim, Deputy Vice President, Female Campus and Vice Dean, DAR.

The chairman of the L20 and Saudi National Committee of workers Committees (SNC) - Eng. Nasser Aljaryad and members of the L20 - Dr. Faihan Alotaibi, Mr. Fawaz Almutairy, Eng. Sami Alharbi, Mr. Kalid Aldossary, and Dr. Raneem Alselaimi participated in the cooperation event. Eng. Nasser Aljaryad said he is very exciting with this knowledge partnership agreement and highlighted several years of cooperation with the GSPN:

  • Undertake a research on labour and employment on Saudi Arabia and globally.
  • The research studies will only be available in the L20 website. Therefore, PSU papers published on L20 or SNC Websites have publishing rights given to L20 and SNC. Further reproduction of the paper in any other website or journal articles will be done only with the approval of SNC and using of SNC, L20, PSU and GSPN Logo.
  • The participation and collaboration of both parties may initiate workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences on PSU Campus or Virtually.
  • The PSU logo appearance in SNC and L20 as Knowledge partner
  • SNC will welcome PSU COOP students for a training.
  • SNC will join PSU in public events or activities representing Employment and Labour.

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