2nd Workshop on Intelli-Student – A Cutting-edge Computer-aided Learning Platform to Augment Online Teaching and Learning Pedagogies: A UK-Saudi Partnership Project.

Prince Sultan University, in joint cooperation with the Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Mustafa Nasrallah and the University of West London, and in the presence of the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Abdul Hakim Al Majid, witnessed distinguished events during two intense days of discussion and knowledge exchange. The first day was marked by meetings and dialogue sessions covering topics about creating an advanced computer-aided learning platform to enhance online teaching and teaching methods.

The second day of this workshop witnessed distinguished research presentations presented by the workshop participants, who included students and employees of Prince Sultan University, and the participating British delegation. These presentations represented a variety of research topics centered on a variety of challenges and opportunities in educational technology and engineering.

After the workshop, the submitted research was evaluated, and the winners of the best-participating research were honored. This honor reflects the dedication and effort made by the participants to provide distinguished and useful research.

The British side expressed admiration for the warm reception and advanced level highlighted by the students participating in the workshop, and they praised the outstanding progress witnessed by the Kingdom in the field of scientific and technical research. Emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in promoting progress and innovation in the field of education and technology.